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Here you can find all posts translated into English. Each title is followed by a short description of what the text is about:

Crusts of Sugar and Vanilla (31 May 2020). On the pros, cons and contradictions of democratic tourism. Translation of an article originally published in El Asterisco.

Speaking Japanese (6 March 2020). On the work of painter Miguel Macaya and a book of conversations with editor Clara Pastor.

Cristino de Vera, on the Outskirts (26 May 2019). On the quiet and spiritual work of painter Cristino de Vera at Fernández-Braso gallery.

A Sea of Doubts (3 June 2018). On Benjamín Cano’s exhibition dedicated to the early life of Saint Peter at Espacio Contemplación.

Trump, Gold and Good Conscience (28 December 2018). On Nancy Spector’s response to Donald Trump when he asked the Guggenheim for a Van Gogh.

The Freedom to Look (17 December 2017). The late work of Juan Giralt at Espacio Contemplación.

I feel a picture coming on (4 June 2017). On the retrospective of Howard Hodgkin at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Gifts of the dead (21 May 2017). Of art and the dead.

The jungle (20 April 2017). On the role of painting in mass-media culture, via Walter Benjamin and Robert Rauschenberg.

A brand new artist (18 March 2017). The revelation of a great artist at Círculo de Bellas Artes: Slovenian painter Emerik Bernard.

Clara Peeters was there (15 February 2017). The legacy of a little-known 17h-century master at the Prado Museum.

Eduardo Barco, on a seesaw (2 February 2017). The mature painings, drawings and sculpures of Eduardo Barco, much more than adjectives can describe.

Marco Polo’s returns (17 January 2017). On the endless travels of photographer Toni Catany.

Neither true nor false (8 December 2016). On the great retrospective of Carmen Calvo at Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid.

Miniature news (22 October 2016). On the intelligent works of Liliana Porter at Galería Espacio Mínimo.

A garden with no exit (1 October 2016). On the difficulty of unveiling the mystery of Hieronymus Bosch.

Echoes of oneself (11 July 2016). On the unstable nature of memory and perception through the work of the writer Teju Cole and the photographer José Manuel Ballester.

Time on the walls (27 May 2016). The transformations in 1960s Spain portrayed by the great photographer Paco Gómez at Sala Canal de Isabel II.

Domestic rain (20 April 2016). The disturbing works of Chilean sculptor Catalina Mena Ürnményi on show at Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery.

Crevices of modernity (13 March 2016). On the Prado Museum’s great Ingres exhibition and the unexpected paths of artistic influence.

Things as they are (21 February 2016). A review of the great late paintings of Juan Giralt at the Reina Sofía Museum.

To speak of art (25 January 2016). On Keeping an Eye Open, a book by a newly-discovered (for me) art critic: Julian Barnes.

Perpetual remembrance (4 January 2016). Pierre Bonnard and the ceaseless quest of rendering memory through painting.

The trivialities of Alfredo Alcain (20 December 2015). The greatness of the commonplace (and more) in the paintings of Alfredo Alcain.

The Beautiful and the Practical (7 December 2015). A review of a Max Bill retrospective at Fundación Juan March.

To continue painting (22 November 2015). On the overrated death of painting. And the work of Nico Munuera.

Dreams on commission (8 November 2015). The exceptional photomontages of Grete Stern at Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Worlds of this world (25 October 2015). The haunting truths of Paula Rego at Marlborough Gallery.

Carlos León, a different kind of biologist (11 October). Carlos León’s dense and rich abstract paintings at Madrid’s Sala Alcalá 31.

Lines of desire (27 September 2015). A small Picasso retrospective at Guillermo de Osma Art Gallery.

Under the eyes of Senecio (14 September 2015). On the visit of Kunstmuseum Basel’s modern collection to the Reina Sofía and the importance of Paul Klee.

Lola Álvarez Bravo, in short (21 August 2015). An exhibition of the great Mexican photographer at Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Sign language (16 August 2015). A retrospective exhibition of the graphic work of Alberto Corazón at Fundación Telefónica.

A humble suggestion (9 August 2015). A visit to Joaquín Sorolla’s house museum in Madrid.

Primitive dances (4 August 2015). The impressive portrait of 1960s Spain by Jacinto Esteva in his film Far from the trees.

Flash (25 July 2015). On the most expensive painting in the world and its exhibition at the Reina Sofía Museum.

A grown child (19 July 2015). A selection of the work of Jean Dubuffet at Guillermo de Osma gallery.

Photographic sensibilities (12 July 2015). Two (valid) ways of using photography: the Argentinean ‘Forum Group’ and Chema Madoz.

Aesthetic honesty (5 July 2015). The realism of Francisco López at Leandro Navarro gallery.

A joy forever (26 June 2015). The photographs of Carlos Herrera at Odalys gallery.

Origins of the souvenir (22 June 2015). The Romantic views of Spain of Genaro Pérez Villaamil at the Prado.

Example of Ricardo de Orueta (15 June 2015). The Residencia de Estudiantes shows the admirable labour in cultural preservation and promotion of this Republican art historian.

Time untamed (7 June 2015). On a small exhibition of Rosario Weiss, a pupil of Goya, and of how time may change present conceptions of art.

Art of oneself (31 May 2015). A small history of the self-portrait at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Guerrero at his peak (24 May 2015). The late and powerful work of José Guerrero at Fernández-Braso gallery.

The uncertain home of Picasso (18 May 2015). The unresolved question of placing modern art in classical museums.

The country as studio (10 May 2015). The birth and development of a tradition of modern landscape in art and its contemporary followers.

Diebenkorn and family (4 May 2015). The coherent stylistic shifts of Richard Diebenkorn at London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

That Goya (24 April 2015). The Goya described by Pierre Michon in Masters and Servants comes to life in an exhibition at the Prado Museum.

Persistent still lifes (20 April 2015). The study of nature as a persistent leitmotif in the work of the great Spanish artist Gustavo Torner.

A vindication of pleasure (12 April 2015). Visual pleasure in the paintings of Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy at the Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Hours in the museum (5 April 2015). Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman’s thorough exploration of the National Gallery.

Saints and devotees (30 March 2015). Marina Abramovic’s intervention at MoMA in 2010 as a symptom of the era of Facebook.

Prehistoric sectarianisms (22 March 2015). On the possible reopening of Altamira cave in northern Spain.

Modern tradition of Pierre Alechinsky (15 March 2015). A retrospective of Pierre Alechinsky at the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Happy endings (9 March 2015). The history of Spanish modern sculpture at Marlborough gallery and Jorge Oteiza’s “theory of purification.”

Difficult comparissons (2 March 2015). A comparisson of Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel and a performance by Santiago Sierra.

Ploughed memory (22 February 2015). The minimal landscapes of Joan Hernéndez Pijuan at Rafael Pérez Hernando gallery.

Uneasiness in sepia (15 February 2015). The haunting images of Spanish photographer Carmen Calvo.

Every Petworth era (8 February 2015). A Turner exhibition at Petworth House, Sussex.

A not-so-double life (2 February 2015). The art and advertising of Kurt Schwitters at the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art.

Noah, photographer (25 January 2015). The sound and fury of Pablo Genovés’ photos at Sala Canal de Isabel II.

The precocious life of Alvin Langdon Coburn (18 January 2015). An exhibition at Fundación Mapfre spanning the whole career of the photographer.

Plastic counterpoint (11 January 2015). Musical references in the sculptures of Fausto Melotti at Galería Elvira González.

An interview with Yolanda Romero (4 January 2015). The director of the Centro José Guerrero comments on the 100th anniversary of José Guerrero, a twentieth-century Spanish great.

Elusive presences (28 December 2014). A review of Benjamín Cano’s spiritual exhibition at Segovia’s Museo Esteban Vicente.

Plaza revived (7 December 2014). A visit to José Guerrero’s birthplace in Granada.

Sound! Fury! Futurism! (26 November 2014). On Fortunato Depero, Futurism and artistic and political avant-gardes.

Old art (14November 2014). Juan Correa’s organic paintings at Marlborough Gallery.

Two abstract views (2 November 2014). The validity of non-figurative painting through the work of Secundino Hernández and Min Matamoro.

A possible epilogue (19 October 2014). The opening of the gallery Sociedad Anónima with an exhibition by Alfonso Galván. How this can make for a modest epilogue to Carlos Granés’ book The Invisible Fist.

Hamilton laughs (6 October 2014). Richard Hamilton’s retrospective at the Reina Sofía Museum.

Vibrating stillness (28 September 2014). Eva Figes’ account of Claude Monet’s life in Giverny.

Fields of Castile (21 September 2014). Joaquín Risueño and his Castilian landscapes at Leandro Navarro gallery.

Paintings and billboards (16 September 2014). Pop, Spain and publicity at the  Pop Art Myths exhibition at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

Self-portrait in fixed shots (9 September 2014). Alberto García-Alix’s self-portraits at Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

Unstable identities of art (25 June 2014). How the celebration of El Greco’s 500th anniversary should help us to leave behind prejudices of identity in art.


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